Shakhipur Computer Training Center
Grameen Shakti started this computer training program in the year 2000 to give the people in rural areas access to modern technology. The main objective of this program is to

What is WorkNet:future?

WorkNet:future is a medium that enables the display and networking of individuals and organisation and their initiatives and projects. What they all share is their commitment to a global sustainability and justice. It shows the creativity, courage and responsibility of individuals that have continuously faced global challenges and therefore have contributed to a re-thinking and re-directing in important, social fields of interest.

WorkNet:future categorises the presented initiatives. In order to be displayed on the Web Site, the initiatives have to meet the entry requirements and must fit into at least one and at most three of the 24 categories that have been defined by the World Future Council. An editorial staff is in charge of managing the admission of new initiatives to the website according to the given guidelines.

WorkNet:future as a directory and network for initiatives all over the world. The short presentations given are written by the initiatives themselves. They explain the core idea and show notable examples of their projects. More detailed information can then be found on the initiatives own websites, which are interlinked with WN:f.


Roots of Change: Study Circle Program
ISEC is pleased to offer our ground-breaking Roots of
ISEC is pleased to offer our ground-breaking Roots of Change curriculum and study circle program. The curriculum, comprising voices of leading political, economic and ecological thinkers from around the world, lays out both how we've arrived at our present predicament and what we can do about it. The emphasis is on education for action: moving beyond single issues to look at the more fundamental influences that shape our lives. No academic background is required.
Built Environment
It is well known that buildings anywhere represent a huge
It is well known that buildings anywhere represent a huge opportunity to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But to do this, we need to address the design, construction, operation, and deconstruction of the built environment. RMI provides a variety of services related to energy efficient design and analysis for new or existing buildings.
Farmers As Experts
Seeds of Survival organizes regular international meetings
Seeds of Survival organizes regular international meetings between framers, the government and scientist to encourage training and information sharing. The specialists for these constructive knowledge-exchanges are the local farmers who still know the traditional, therefore sustainable, cultivation methods.