What is WorkNet:future?

WorkNet:future is a medium that enables the display and networking of individuals and organisation and their initiatives and projects. What they all share is their commitment to a global sustainability and justice. It shows the creativity, courage and responsibility of individuals that have continuously faced global challenges and therefore have contributed to a re-thinking and re-directing in important, social fields of interest.

WorkNet:future categorises the presented initiatives. In order to be displayed on the Web Site, the initiatives have to meet the entry requirements and must fit into at least one and at most three of the 24 categories that have been defined by the World Future Council. An editorial staff is in charge of managing the admission of new initiatives to the website according to the given guidelines.

WorkNet:future as a directory and network for initiatives all over the world. The short presentations given are written by the initiatives themselves. They explain the core idea and show notable examples of their projects. More detailed information can then be found on the initiatives own websites, which are interlinked with WN:f.

The vision of WorkNet:future

"A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest"   Tibetan saying

Civil courage, curiosity and spirit can develop a strong dynamic. Especially when these energies amplify each other. The goal of WorkNet:future is to inform about existing activities and to support their networking.

The Internet has enabled a fast exchange of information about existing projects and so networking has become much easier too. Therefore, it is also the goal of WorkNet:future to promote the transparency and an active dialogue.


The vision of the physicist and Right Livelihood Award winner Hans-Peter Dürr:

WN:f weaves a network of projects and groups, which work and coordinate the solutions for the present problems endangering humanity.

WN:f tries bridging between the global challenges (top) and the local possibilities(bottom). The platform also functions as a transmission belt between top-bottom but also acts as a network between the variety of bottom-activities of the initiatives. The “organically growing” network of WN:f wants to promote this possibility of combining and enhanced mobilisation.

WN:f is designed to grow and last in the future. It begins with life and lifework of the individual Right Livelihood Award winners who have all constructively faced the challenges of the future: Energy, resources, sustainability, peace work and many more.

WN:f is a medium that could contribute to changing the perception and consciousness of our recent  times.

WN:f will contribute to making it easier:

  • to establish communication and exchange between those people and networks that aim at tackling similar global challenges.
  • to extract information, new ideas and ways from the experiences made.
  • to multiply successful and approved models
  • to do research about people and networks and to use the results in educational contexts.
  • for people and networks that have had positive experiences but are still “invisible”, to step forward and share their individual experiences.
  • to draw the attention of political and economic opinion and decision makers, as well as  media,  towards the important topics and to then provide them with information about successfully implemented alternatives.


WorkNet:f creates a medium where networking, perception, conflicts and dialogue concerning the sustainability of our planet are linked.

Work:Netf is a medium through which commited participants and intitiaves can present themselves and connect with one another.

WorkNet:f is a medium that can expand the perception of these groups

WorkNet:f is a medium, which in an increasing globalised world enables people to connect and communicate over the internet.

WN:f lives and grows due to the persuasive power of each given example and the individual stories. This is why WorldNet:future can is a visualisation of a growing forest.