Climat and Energy Project (CEP)
 The Climate and Energy Project (CEP) deals with the consequences of climate change. Their primary goal is to sensibilize the societies, in the Mid-West of the USA, for the

What is WorkNet:future?

WorkNet:future is a medium that enables the display and networking of individuals and organisation and their initiatives and projects. What they all share is their commitment to a global sustainability and justice. It shows the creativity, courage and responsibility of individuals that have continuously faced global challenges and therefore have contributed to a re-thinking and re-directing in important, social fields of interest.

WorkNet:future categorises the presented initiatives. In order to be displayed on the Web Site, the initiatives have to meet the entry requirements and must fit into at least one and at most three of the 24 categories that have been defined by the World Future Council. An editorial staff is in charge of managing the admission of new initiatives to the website according to the given guidelines.

WorkNet:future as a directory and network for initiatives all over the world. The short presentations given are written by the initiatives themselves. They explain the core idea and show notable examples of their projects. More detailed information can then be found on the initiatives own websites, which are interlinked with WN:f.


Junk Food Generation
Junk Food Generation is the Consumers
Junk Food Generation is the Consumers International (CI) campaign to stop the marketing of unhealthy food for children.
Ending the Point Lepreau nuclear station
The aim of IICPH  is to stop the refurbishment
The aim of IICPH  is to stop the refurbishment experiment at the Point Lepreau nuclear power station. Concerned groups, individuals and First Nations across North America are urging the New Brunswick government to end the nuclear power age. Decommissioning Point Lepreau will create safer, more resilient and sustainable communities and many new jobs in energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. The refurbishing experiment is a waste of taxpayer dollars and would only generate 30 more years of harmful emissions and radioactive waste.
Buried Contact Group
The Buried Contact Solar Cell Group has the goal to develop
The Buried Contact Solar Cell Group has the goal to develop new structures and process technologies of solar cells. The focus of this extensive research and development work lies on the mono– and multi-crystalline solar wafers, which when accumulated can be used as solar cells in standard products.